Alta Guajira Desert Tour

A dynamic and eventful trip that will introduce us to Alta Guajira. A desert region that offers an extraordinary landscape of strong colors and contrasts
11 days
Alta Guajira

Amazon River Tour Colombia 13 Days

Sail in the Amazon region of Colombia with an adventurous and exciting journey on the Amazon River, its tributaries and lakes that pay tribute to its exceptional water flow.
13 days

Barranquilla Carnival

Travel to the Barranquilla Carnival, the most important event in Colombia, more than a million troupes and visitors who celebrate with songs and dances
10 days

Cartagena Travel Package 8 Days

Discovering the city of Cartagena and its fortifications of the Walled City, where every corner is full of history and architecture from the Spanish colonial era
8 days

Coffee Axis Tour

A trip through the Coffee Axis of the truest Colombia, where its biodiversity is more highlighted, from the most colorful cities with their very choosing inhabitants.
16 days

Colombia Trekking Trip 15 Days

The Colombia Trekking Trip is a trip where Colombia is discovered in all its natural beauty, a wonderful place where thousands of colors are found.
15 days
50 Km

Lost City Trek Tour 9 Days

The Lost City Trek Tour 9 Days is an exciting trekking, where there will be no shortage of experiences and encounters with the Indians of the communities located along the way.
9 days
50 Km

San Agustín Tour

Discover with the San Agustín Tour the most attractive destinations in Colombia, with its biodiversity that characterizes this wonderful country of thousands of colors
13 days

San Andres Island Package

The San Andrés Island Package is a tour that introduces us to the San Andres Archipelago, where Providencia and Santa Catalina are also part.
8 days
Cayo Johnny

Santa Marta Travel Package 8 Days

This trip has as its main destination Santa Marta, a very lively city on the Caribbean coast, the oldest in Colombia, founded in 1525 by Rodrigo De Bastidas.
8 days
Santa Marta

Tayrona Park Tour

The Tayrona Park Tour is a relaxing trip in the wonderful Tayrona Park, a mix of Caribbean beaches with palm trees and white sand surrounded by a thick tropical jungle
8 days
Parque Tayrona