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TC Travel was born in 2013 with headquarters in Isla de Margarita – Venezuela and now with a new headquarters in Santa MartaColombia. Its founder Gianfranco Sollazzo of Italian nationality who comes to Venezuela in search of new horizons.

Start exploring the most remote corners, off the beaten track, where the authentic culture of a people resides, testing the spirit of adaptation due to the lack of amenities, always in close contact with nature and the locals.

So he realizes his dream, making his passion for travel and exploration his work by making his contacts and his experience of travelers available to those who want to visit this wonderful land always looking for the needs of customers to satisfy them by offering a unique experience and unforgettable.

About us


As a mission of our company we aim mainly to provide trust, quality, responsibility in each of the services we provide to our clients. Therefore making them known the best tourist sites and committed to the environment, being their friend agency. So, we advise our clients on the most important tourist destinations in each corner.

In fact, we advise you to make unbeatable vacations thanks to the dedicated attention of our work team. Therefore, get to know and enjoy all the tourist attractions as well as extreme sports and activities for adrenaline lovers !!!


To be a Tourism Company with the best innovation for clients and make them live the best experience, maintaining a recognized organization in the tourism sector among the best operators in the territory.

Likewise, we always want to be a widely recognized company in the tourism industry, promoting different alternatives to travelers when making their tours, permanently accompanied by our qualified work team.