Alta Guajira Desert Tour

A dynamic and eventful trip that will introduce us to Alta Guajira. A desert region that offers an extraordinary landscape of strong colors and contrasts
11 days
Alta Guajira

Amazon River Tour Colombia 13 Days

Sail in the Amazon region of Colombia with an adventurous and exciting journey on the Amazon River, its tributaries and lakes that pay tribute to its exceptional water flow.
13 days

Barranquilla Carnival

Travel to the Barranquilla Carnival, the most important event in Colombia, more than a million troupes and visitors who celebrate with songs and dances
10 days

Cabo De La Vela Tour

The Cabo De La Vela Tour takes you into a wonderful world of beaches and desert, where you can savor the adventure, touring the endless beaches of the city.
2 days
Alta Guajira