Trip to Santa Marta
Trip to Santa Marta


On a trip to Santa Marta, Colombia, I met and met Mr. Ramón, who is 86 years old. A very sweet looking person who has been a shoe shine for 56 years. Also, a job that my judgment is the humblest in the world. Obviously he didn’t make me clean my shoes as I would have felt very uncomfortable, but I paid for the service for $3000 Peso (barely $1). In conclusion, in return, Mr. Ramón rewarded me with this photo and with a smile and a precious life lesson that will remain in my memory.

Santa Marta is a fascinating city, in addition to being the oldest city in Colombia and of great historical importance for being the last home of the Liberator Simón Bolívar. It is also the departure point for the most important tourist destinations in Colombia, such as Ciudad Perdida, Parque Tayrona and Alta Guajira. However, it is highly regarded for its bright and joyful nightlife. The downtown streets are always super crowded with people and tourists until late at night.

The weather in Santa Marta is warm all year round, characterized by a pleasant breeze that comes from the Sierra Nevada. Therefore, it is a city highly appreciated by tourists from all over the world.

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