Bogotá: Gastronomy and Tradition
Gastronomy and Tradition


There is no doubt that Bogotá has gastronomy and tradition to offer us when we decide to go to venture to live a vacation. Once we are there we can discover that it has everything we want to enjoy.

From its beautiful landscapes, its places full of stories with a high cultural level, its charismatic and cheerful people and above all its exquisite flavors in its typical dishes.

If you have already planned to go to spend your vacations in Colombia and specifically in its capital, we will show you which are the foods that you cannot miss.


One of the main things you have to do when you arrive in Bogotá is to go and sit down to eat one of its best delicacies of its gastronomy and tradition, such as Ajiaco, it is one of the most typical dishes of the place so much that in November they celebrate Ajiaco Santafereño Day.

Grandparents say that Ajiaco is an invention of the Chibchas who used to eat mazamorra and potatoes with chili peppers, and that when the Spanish conquered Colombia, ingredients such as chicken and cream were added to the soup. And it is then that from there the Ajiaco began to be known how we eat it today.


Chicken breast and thigh Garlic
Potato sabanera Pickled capers
Potato pastusa Guascas
Potato criolla Milk cream
Cob Salt and black pepper when enough
Onion long and round Avocado (optional)
And enjoy the taste of a good broth with history in hand like the people of Bogota!
icono-youtubeWatch the video of the preparation of the Ajiaco


Let’s say you arrive one morning wanting to have something different than usual for breakfast, you can simply enjoy a delicious breakfast with Empanadas Bogotanas. They are the famous empanadas that, depending on the region, are filled in different ways.

The most typical ones have meat and the best thing is that you can order them to your liking. One of the best-known spots for Bogotans to enjoy this crunchy breakfast is in the renowned Plaza De Mercado De La Perseverancia. Where Mrs. Bertha has her booth ‘La Caseta del Tinto’, located on a terrace on the south side of the square.

In that place, Mrs. Bertha will pamper you with her appetizing empanadas from Bogotá, accompanying them with a delicious glass of masato. But if you already want to try to make it, we will share the basic ingredients to make them.


Ground beef Promasa
Potato criolla Maíz peto
Tomato Cumin
Onion long Oil for frying
Once done, enjoy it with chili pepper or with a sauce of your choice, and let’s eat!
icono-youtubeWatch the video of the preparation of the Empanadas Bogotanas


When visiting the city of Bogotá, if we are passionate about gastronomy and tradition, we absolutely must visit Doña Segunda, a kind lady, over 80 years old, considered the Queen of Fritanga. That is why we recommend that you try this wonderful dish that is typical in Bogotá and in many parts of Colombia.

La Fritanga Bogotana, is a dish composed mainly of pork rib, chorizo and blood sausage and is accompanied with vegetables, guacamole, chili, lemon slices and hogao.

It is not an easy dish to prepare at home, the ideal would be to eat it directly in Bogotá and better where the Queen of the Fritanga that opens its doors every day from 7 in the morning to satisfy its many customers. However, if you want to try to prepare this typical Bogota dish, then we will tell you the ingredients they need.


Pork ribs Potato criolla
Sauce of aliños Tomato
Oil for frying Lemon for serving
Chorizo and morcillas Guacamole for serving
Patacones Hogao for serving
Yucca Chili pepper for serving
Let the combination of its flavor catch you!
icono-youtubeWatch the video of Doña Segunda la Reina de la Fritanga

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