How to get to Lost City?

How to get to Lost City? If you are wondering, here I am going to give you some information.How to get to Lost City? If we are already in Bogotá, we can take a domestic flight to Santa Marta which lasts approximately 1 hour.

It is not recommended to take a bus even if it is possible, since the duration is really excessive, even if the roads are in excellent condition,

However, they are not highways and the duration is about 16 hours. But if we want to travel at night and save something on overnight stays, we can consider this option.

Once we arrive in Santa Marta, we have to go to the Transport Terminal and from there take a bus to Palomino and get off a few kilometers before, in La Aguacatera and from there How to Get to Ciudad Perdida?

At this point, if we are not in a group and have not reserved a 4×4 Jeep, we can venture out with a motorbike transfer to Machete Pelao (El Mamey), where the trek to Ciudad Perdida begins.

Below we leave you some useful information if we decide to visit Ciudad Perdida:

Clothing and Useful Things

  • Light pants or Bermuda shorts and a T-shirt.
  • Camera or Camcorder.
  • Bathing suit and towel.
  • Sports and trekking footwear
  • Hat.
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • Solar protection.
  • Thermos for water.

Traveler Recommendations

  • Respect the environment and leave garbage in the proper containers.
  • Do not cause damage to structures or the environment.


  • No particular vaccinations are required.
  • The yellow fever vaccine is recommended only as a preventive measure, as there are no cases in this region.

Required Documents

  • At the time of departure present identification documents Passport, DNI or CC.
  • During the Tour the traveler can bring a photocopy of their identification document.

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